Not really, because I sucked it up and dealt with my driveway myself.

But anyway, because I know you all want to know EVERYTHING ABOUT MY LIFE and not all of you are following my Facebook (let's be honest, no one follows my Facebook, I post like six times a day), an update.

I'm back on Martha's Vineyard to help my mom while she recovers from hip replacement surgery. We got over two feet of snow on Monday (the day of her surgery) and my baby bro spent 24 hours in the back woods of the island plowing out rich celebrities who paid his landscaping company to work 24 hours to ensure their BMWs can always get out of their 4 mile bumpy dirt roads. My dad is in New Mexico, visiting his god awful girlfriend (I have posted about her before, but really, there is no reason to reiterate here unless people care way more about my life than I anticipate).

I spent five hours yesterday and four hours today digging out my (not short) driveway. I got through the driveway today. After I finished, my dad's friend showed up to plow. I cried. Especially since after he left, I still couldn't get my car out. I cried more. I had to wait until my brother came home from working 40 of the last 48 hours working to help me get the car out so I could go visit my mom in the hospital.


(hint: very little).

If you got all the way through this, here are some pictures of Noodle for your trouble.