This is one of those times. I just watched the trailer for Fox's new show, Hieroglyph. Like. Wow. Have you seen this? Because you need to, so we all can discuss.

I can appreciate a crazy "historical" series with supernatural tendencies (Sleepy Hollow FTW). This? I have serious creative problems with this. And it's all mostly GT's fault. I've become hyper-aware of ethnic portrayals on television, and the responsibility of telling stories about more than inexplicably white guys.

Hitfix has a great little article, outlining exactly why I hope this fails spectacularly. #1 is my favorite reason to root against it. I know plenty of dead-sexy young actors—in Los Angeles, even!—who look more ancient Egyptian/Saharan African/Mediterranean than that guy.

And is that a werewolf? a vampire? Is this like 300, but with less dramatic lighting?


As a reward for watching that strangeness that surely won't find an audience, here's the trailer for Empire, from Lee Daniels and Buffy's Jonathan. All hail Taraji P. Henson, is all I have to say about this. Can't. Wait.