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Sometimes, I feel like I'm in High School

Ever have one of those social experiences where even though the people are nice, you just don't fit in? Yeah i've had a couple of weekends of those. Some days I feel like Tai in Clueless. Here's the reference video for you youngsters out there (appropriately it takes place in SoCal)

Sometimes i just really feel my rural roots. I grew up thinking that dresses and makeup are for special occasions. We were wearing pendletons and jeans because practical, not because of bunch of people in Seattle decided it was cool. And now i'm moving into middle age, and i can't quite seem to get the clothes or the make up right for SoCal middle aged peoples. (If i'm honest the OC Barbie Grannies terrify me!)


I hope we can move back up north in a couple of years. It doesn't feel so looks focused in parts north and I can more easily move under the radar. These feelings may also be coming up because i'm going to be in a wedding where i'm supposed to do my own make-up, accessories and it's a wee bit overwhelming. At least i'm getting my hair done?

So yeah, where in SoCal is there a place for almost middle age ladies who dress frumpy??

Bonus Video Clip, cuz Clueless

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