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Sometimes I forget how nice things really are over here.

You know, some days, when the trolls seem like they've invaded kinja, I stress and curse Jez. But today I'm reappreciating how mostly reasonable and well thinking our commenters are after reading the awful comments on the Miss USA question article on DeadSpin.

I know not every where has our brand of enjoyably sarcastic, well thought out brand of feminism, our try to laugh instead of cry but sometimes it's okay to cry about this shit too attitude, but I assume that the other Gawker sites are at least a step or two ahead of Yahoo comments and their commenters get shit in general.

But holy hell, the underlying anti woman just-don't-get-it attitude of so many of the comments is killing me:

Like this guy, who assumes all pretty women are stupid as hell and we should just focus on her tits.


Or this guy, who thinks that the word tranny is okay to use and that it's an insult (at least the replies to him seem to agree that he's pretty horrible)

And then we have the slew of comments that all basically say "Well, listen to that answer, that right there is why women make less than men! Because they're so stupid! They should!)


... I didn't even make it into the greys. These are all the main page comments. And I'm not even including the ones that just decide to talk about people's weight, mainly because those made me so mad I had to reply to them directly (internet! you win!).


Anyway, long story short; you guys are nice, and... well, I appreciate you. And this whole thing we got going here. And I am super bummed out that this is all happening on the question they asked that is incredibly pertinent to feminism and a real issue.

Love, Violet

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