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Sometimes, I Get So Sick of Being Disabled

The other day, my fucking glasses broke. Now, it's not the end world. The arm fell off so I tapped it. It looks kinda stupid, but it's not so bad until I can get a new pair. Financially it sucks but I can manage.

Using a wheelchair makes getting your eyes examined a royal bitch though. I can tell I need an update so I've decided to get my eyes checked. It's really hard to find a place where the chair can be moved so that my powerchair can take it's place. That's what I need. I don't want to take a friend to help me transfer. I like taking care of myself. I only want help when I HAVE to take it.

I am really tired of going to all these places (or calling them!) to be reminded that nobody ever thinks of people like us. We're expected to bring someone or often we're not even taken into account. What's with all the tiny offices too? I don't care if it's old. Put in some damn effort.


You know, able-bodied people never accept when a business is somehow not up to par. They complain and it gets addressed or they take their business elsewhere! Because THEY HAVE OPTIONS. I'm just expected to shut up and deal with it, or always run to a friend for help. Well, fuck that. I am a person, and I also deserve to live without jumping through hoops.

I'll figure it out. Happens with dentists and finding a doctor as well. I just wish it got easier. This world is not made for us and it's a lesson you have to learn over and over until you're dead.

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