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Sometimes I just have to groan at what the anchors at my station

wear for their newscasts.

It's my understanding that at big city TV stations, there are stylists and makeup artists on hand to dress the anchors, but as I work at a tiny station with a tight budget, our anchors are kind of on their own, sartorially speaking. The one weekend news anchor ... his fashion choices are questionable at best. He's young, and I think he's trying to be edgy, but usually his ensembles are just a clusterfuck of color. Case in point, tonight he was wearing a black and gray plaid sports coat, a tan vest, a teal shirt and a salmon-colored tie. When I saw him on screen for the first time tonight, I just kind of shook my head. There's another anchor whose outfits often displease me, but I don't know how to describe her problem other than her look is almost always too much for me.


I'll be the first to admit I'm no fashion plate, but I can at least tell what colors and patterns go together. Also, it's not my job to be on-screen, and if it were, I'd think one of my top priorities would be to dress as sensibly as possible.

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