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Sometimes I no read good

Last night I learned that I’ve been mentally pronouncing a name TOTALLY wrong!

GC and I were watching the first episode of Dirty John, and an ad came on for Fabletics and at the end I said, “You know, I’ve been pronouncing that name wrong in my mind this entire time.” I’ve only seen the ads on Instagram and whatnot and had never seen a commercial or heard an ad for it.


OMG it’s FAB-letics, not FABLE-TICS!

I’ve been mentally reading it as Fable-tics for so long now! GC started laughing at me and told me I’ve cursed her forever to see it my wrong way. She asked how I didn’t put it together and I said, “Well Lululemon is a bunch of nonsense words, why wouldn’t they be called Fable-tics? It makes the same amount of sense!” She laughed and groaned that she doesn’t really have a good explanation to counter that.

Fable-tics, that’s your brand name!!!

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