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Sometimes I think Groupthink may have a problem with classism

I come from a poor-ish background. It was hard sometimes, but I never starved. For most of middle school I didn't get to see much of my mom because she would work from 11 at night to 7:30 in the morning. My dad had a shitty computer when I was little, but I moved in with my mom in high school and we didn;t get a computer until my senior year of high school, and it was my dad's old one from the 90's. I had to write all my papers at the library or skip my first class of the day and go to one of my teacher's classrooms to write them. I was in IB so there were a looooot of papers. I got my laptop as a birthday present right before I left for school 3 years ago. I had a couple of prepaid phones (one in middle school that I had to pay for and one for a year or so in high school where my boyfriend paid for it) and finally another one towards the end of my senior year that my parents paid for until the beginning of my sophomore year. I get a lot of financial aid because I have no expected contribution from my Fafsa and it is the only reason I am able to go to college at all. I work at Subway right now at $8 an hour (yay I got my raise!), and I'm extremely lucky that my boyfriend lets me pay him my half when I'm able. I wouldn't have a place to live right now if he didn't. I pay for my own rent, utilities, groceries, phone bill, everything, and I'm still extremely lucky. I can barely (not really if you count the fact that bf lets me wait to pay rent until my aid comes in) get by on my paychecks. I am lucky compared to a lot of people, and I realize that, and it really pisses me off when people can't see past their own privilege. Sometimes it really feels like "why don't poor people just stop being poor?" or "They aren't being poor the right way.No, I cannot afford to eat organically grown lentils and cornish game hen fo dinner, and do not, DO NOT judge me if I want to eat shitty fast food because my feet hurt and the only food I have isn't thawed or maybe I actually want to eat something other than rice. I deal with enough classism (mostly minor things like people getting annoyed that I can't take work off to go to their party or event or not being able to afford to go out to eat with them) in my daily life, and I really wish I didn't have to deal with it on here. It's really shitty. It seems like class is kind of still an issue where people are reeeeaaaaaaaally terrible about checking their privilege (see also: race). I don't expect much from most of the internet, but I feel like GT is supposed to be our little bubble. Maybe we can keep it that way?


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