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Sometimes, I Want Things to Be Easy

This will not be articulate. Deal with it.

I am so fucking mad. I hate my chair right now. I can barely do anything because I need a new battery. I ordered one so it's happening. I just have to wait. I had to leave class early and take a cab home because my battery declined so quick I'd never make it to the bus stop.

Sometimes I hate being disabled. HATE it. Normally, I don't care. And I don't want pity or anything. It's just annoying.


Imagine you had a predetermined amount of steps you could take. Usually that's total cool because you understand your stamina and you've learned how much energy it takes to get to various locations, and how far you can go before you have to worry. But then, imagine that all of a sudden you get tired easily. So easily that you have to go home early from class or can't make it downtown, even though all you did was walk to the bus stop that day.

I want to go to the grocery store, go home to put my food away AND still be able to spend time at Chapters. But no, that's too crazy of a dream right now.

Fuck this. I will just crawl everywhere now. I'll make it downtown in a week.

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