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Sometimes I want to punch people

Why is it so hard for people to understand that if you say you're going to show up a X and then you don't, it's really rude and inconsiderate?

There are some people who used to live in my apt complex. They were the kind of people who seemed nice and mellow but were super all about themselves. They never helped out. They didn't show up when they said they would. They were generally known as takers.

I put out a notice that I had a bunch of extra furniture to give away. I get an email from one of the takers saying they really wanted to come by. Fine, I said, Sunday afternoons are good.


I get a call Saturday afternoon (not Sunday) saying they're coming over. Well, I'm not there. I'm not sure why this is difficult to grasp as I said Sundays were good. Oh, dduuuude, guess we got confused. How about tomorrow morning? OK, sez me, but let's set a definite time. We set on 11 a.m. Sitting sitting. At 11:15 I called, no answer. I left at 11:20 because I was meeting a friend at 11:30.

Then I get a text saying that oh.. they thought they said between 11-12, but they are really interested in my stuff can they come by this week.

No. Just no. I'm giving this stuff to you for free and you can't get your shit together? I am not wasting anymore time waiting on you.

I am trying not to be bluntly mean about it, but they seem completely oblivious as to why their actions are uncool.


Edited to add: They just emailed me saying sorry for the misunderstanding, but they thought I would be around all day today. But they are really interested in the stuff. Then why did they call me yesterday? And why did we set a specific time for this morning. ugggh, so annoyed.

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