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Sometimes my hometown makes me proud

Today I saw a cool little campaign on FB coming out of my hometown. This time of the year in Brazil is Carnaval, and in the Northeast (where I’m from), the celebration style is a lot different than what Americans picture it as. Most Americans/Europeans picture Carnaval as the one from Rio, with the scantily clad ladies in a massive, extremely ornate parade, whereas the Carnaval celebrations in the Northeast are a giant street party, with folkloric music and dance by local professionals.

(Exhibit A: A traditional Carnaval in the Northeast, and Exhibit B: Carnaval in Rio).


Wearing a costume is common, but it’s more like a Halloween costume (pirates, princesses, etc), not a bikini with feathers—though they can be pretty bawdy, so you know, just like Halloween.

Having a massive street party with little structure and lots of binge drinking also means a huge spike in sexual assault during this time of the year. My hometown put together a poster campaign surrounding consent, using some amazing designs. The imagery is all based on regional folklore related to Carnaval and has a woodcut style originating from the cordel literature tradition from the region (see the link for more info).

They’re all in very colloquial language, so the translation isn’t always exact, but I’ve included my favorites below. Pretty cool!


(In Portuguese, “nao” still means “no.”)


(Her body is her own. Touch only with permission.)


(She didn’t want you? Accept it. It hurts less. You will survive.)


(It’s 2017 and you’re still blaming alcohol. Doesn’t seem right, does it?—This last sentence is kinda hard to translate exactly, so I approximated the best I could.)

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