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Sometimes my job sucks

Hello! I'm an embalmer. And I am drunk. I have tried to be happy shiny in my comments tonight, but then I remembered that I am a GT author, and I can just internet spew stuff. I would very much like for all you fine people to send me the happiest, shiniest craziest links and gifs and what all.

Embalming, 99% of the time it is an older person who lived a long life and it doesn't bother me one bit. But then there are days like today. Today, I had a fourteen year old suicide. She was so very thin- one person could move her without any strain. She was marked with cuts- from very small nicks all the way up to the four inch, vertical slices in her arms I had to sew up. And I don't even know what to think. I've seen some terrible things- murders and SIDS babies and drug overdoses and I just power through it. But something about today. I don't see my counselor until Friday, but I may need to talk to him sooner- like an emergency session.

Please? Please to be giving me internet happy?


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