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Here is what my brother said in a Facebook argument where a couple of people I know were trying to say the Xboner's DRM policies disappearing is a bad thing:

"Let's consider a few things here:

1. Microsoft has withdrawn their DRM bullshit, but NOT their always-on, non-optional Kinect bullshit. Also, in case you hadn't heard, Microsoft is an NSA partner, and there's wide speculation that they might share that with PRISM—unless a new bill is passed. (http://www.inquisitr.com/793712/xbox-on…)

2. Cutting out austere DRM is ALWAYS A GOOD THING. That Gizmondo article is bullshit. While the fact that used games sales do not reach publishers is an issue worth addressing, one must consider the long-term effects; what if, during the next console generation, you hear about a game for the XB180 that you missed out on but want dearly? It's not available in digital distribution, but there are a wealth of copies (all used) on eBay. If you can't play it because of shitty DRM, then old games become completely useless (also consider that, if the old policies had stayed intact, when Microsoft inevitably shuts down the XB180 servers many years down the line, the console would no longer be operational. Keep that in mind for the next point).

3. The deeper implication behind this bullshit is that if Sony had done the same as them, they would have never made these changes as consumers were very vocal that they were siding with Sony over Microsoft due specifically to these policies. They were completely prepared to fuck you over and, because you caught them doing it, decided not to. That means that, while they aren't doing it now, they absolutely have the potential to do it again (that point courtesy of Jim Sterling from The Escapist).

I said "bullshit" a total of four times in that paragraph. Do you know why? Because this is a COLOSSAL MOUND OF SHIT. If you side with them now, don't be surprised if they bring all this back a year after launch."

I'll admit that it took me a second to get his XB180 joke.

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