Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I slept late, and it was quiet and peaceful (except for the thunderstorm that woke me) so I went downstairs to check on the kids. Had to make sure they hadn't been abducted by aliens or anything, since it WAS quiet and peaceful. All was well, don't worry. They all got big grins when I came down, though, so I knew someThing was up.

So, I walk in the kitchen, and there are 2 big boxes and a paper bag sitting on the kitchen floor. The Grocery Fairy visited again! (FOr those who missed the last post about the Grocery Fairy, it turned out to be our friend S., who goes to a different food pantry with his wife and her sisters, all of whom are quite picky. So they box up what they can't use and drop it off here because they "know hOw boys eat"!)


There's canned soup and veggies, oatmeal packets, rice cheX and cornflakes, rice and dry beans, pasta, peanut butter... all kinds of stuff! A lot of it is gf/df, too! There was also a big package that has 8(!) rolls Of summer sausage, and I'm told that there was a freezer bag that went to Other-husband's freezer, so I'll have to go explore that, too!

I don't know how he works out the timing, but it's always when we're down to the random, weird stuff in the pantry that nobody wants to eat. It's pretty awesome :)

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