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Sometimes the people I know make me want to cry

So I saw this on 9gag a while ago and that was infuriating enough.

I'm not sure what bugged me more, the way that it is just blatantly sexist or the shit about the stupid names, which lead to a whole different prejudiced conversation in the comments.


But what was more disappointing was when it turned up on my FB.

First there was the one share by some jackass who is a friend of a friend and it somehow appeared on my feed, with the following delightful conversation:

Jackass OP - "So Fucking True!"

Jackass No.2 - "HAHAHA So great! Whoever made this is a legend"

Sane Woman 1 - "This is disgusting! This is not every single mothers story. Im not a mum, but I know many single mums, including my own, and many all worked damn hard at their MARRIAGES before they became the hardest working single mums out There. You think every child of a single mum was unplanned?! Ugh."

Jackass OP - "Cool story. Now make me a sandwich"

Sane Woman 2 - "What about the women who get pregnant from being raped? What about the women who get pregnant and their partner leaves them?"

Jackass OP - "What about my sandwich?.."

Jackass, The Third - " :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)"

Jackass OP - "Dumb bitch. Probably just mad coz the story describes her to a T."

And this shit is infuriating. On just so many fucking levels.

But the single most depressing part is where after turning up on my FB feed and seven people I know from university all comment on how true it is, several of whom I know are intelligent women.

I can deal with overtly sexist shit from men, maybe its just the low expectations, but internalized sexism is somehow more upsetting. I don't know why and that may itself speak to something, but it's just how I feel when reading these posts.

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