Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Soooooo... It’s been an insane couple of months. Long story short, Sgt Bf broke up with me, and as a result because NOVA is insanely expensive to live and my job (which I liked a lot) didn’t pay me enough to hack it in that area, I just got back to my parents’ place in the CLE Sunday. I was kind of sideswiped, but after the initial shock wore off, I began looking for jobs. Sgt Bf has been doing things that tell me he didn’t really want to end this, but he’s the type to stick to his guns just for the sake of it - fine. I will say that he was at least considerate enough to see that, hey man, you sort of fucked me, so he gave me $500 before I left to help tide me over (and thankfully I’ll still have my last pay coming through this week).

Anyway, I got flirted with by a couple places and last week, I got offered an interview. That interview was today and 40 minutes after leaving it, I was called with an offer!


I feel awesome because now finding a job is one less thing to stress over, soooooo as a result, since I still have that last bit of income on the way from my job (thank the goddess for paid pto that will be cashed out!) I shamelessly went shopping with my friend. I got a couple work appropriate items, and a mini haul from Sephora: Benefit’s mascara, Kat Von D eyeliner and liquid lipstick in the coveted “Lolita” (and it was the LAST ONE!) and some lip liner.

If I’m gonna be fucked and forced to start over, I might as well treat myself when I land a new job as soon as I get back. So thank you, Sgt Bf - maybe you did me a favor.

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