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Sometimes things need to be cross stitched

This is one of those times. I came across this image in the comments over at io9 and I knew I had a mission, put it on a fucking pillow:

I tried running it through one of the free cross stitch converters on the interwebz, but it just wasn’t working (also, Apple autocorrect put the “z” on the end of interwebz and I think that’s hilarious), so I knew what I had to do. Go buy colored pencils!


Btw, did you know that Crayola colored pencils erase really well now? This is a big improvement over my youth and very welcome for this project, good on ya Crayola.

Anyway, I have no idea what I’m doing, but here’s my progress!

There are some wonky shapes that I want to fix, but I feel like this is going well! I cut the image into quarters and enlarged each by 200%, then I cut tracing paper to 8.5”x11” and printed graph paper that I set to 7 boxes/inch (I think that Aida cross stitch fabric is 14/inch, anyway, I hope it is!) and overlaid that and went to town. Obviously, I’m planning on outlining in back stitch, does anyone have any suggestions for me? This is my first time creating a pattern, I have all kinds of crazy quarter stitches going on in here, I think I’m just going to roll with it and maybe fix some stuff on the fly. The T-rex’s teeth are intimidating me! How’s that going to work out? I’m avoiding it for now.


I’m only going to use this for personal use and have no intentions of making any profit off of this image, which I did not draw. I think I’m going to send the pattern to the owner of the credited etsy shop when I’m done, is that a proper thing to do? I feel like the Internet has made this kind of thing more confusing.

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