This post may disappear as I live in constant fear of getting doxxed when I post about personal stuff, but today has kind of sucked, and I need to vent.

You know what's the BEST way to make your Mom feel special, relaxed, and like she raised you right on Mother's Day? By getting your car repossessed. Who did this? My idiot brother.

I wasn't there (opposite coast), but it happened right as I was on the phone with my Mom for our Mother's Day chat. The poor woman fell out of her lawn chair at the sight of the tow truck, started cursing, and abruptly got off the phone.

The backstory with my brother is a post for another time, if I'm feeling brave enough. Suffice it to say that this news turned what had been a bright, sunny, relaxed day into a day of worry and bitterness, and it seems like, for every one step forward, he ends up taking two steps back.

The cherry on my Sunday sundae: I logged into my work email to check on one project this afternoon and, wouldn't you know it, discovered a flood of emergency emails related to another project. Now I'm going to have to spend the rest of the day working. Ugh.

Send me fun GIFs but please don't say mean things about my brother.