Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, I’m super stressed with the whole Suicide Prevention Project I was talking about the other day (only yesterday? It already feels like at least 4 days since I wrote that, you guys) between talking to a jillion strangers (very out of my introvert comfort zone) and hearing everybody’s heartbreaking stories and processing my own grief, I feel pretty raw. Knowing ALL of this and that I’m like 3 days before my period (because we had a chat about it because I didn’t get to pick the timing about any of this and I’d like to be treated softly at home for a bit), The Nerdy Mr picks a goddamn fight with me today about workflow. And like, apologized for it seven times, so now I don’t even have a good way to talk about how frustrating and mean this is to do without feeling like I’m the asshole here.


So, you guys got any protips on sleep smothering?

Alternate Question (and more likely line of action): What do I angry shop for to lick my wounds. It can’t be pants or makeup. I just bought a bunch.

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