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Sometimes, you gotta laugh to keep from cryin'

Wait til y’all hear this one...

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So, we’re leaving Bestie’s house tonight, about 9 pm. We had intended to get going by 8 or so, but getting my herd out the door in anything resembling a timely fashion is... we’ll just say difficult. We absolutely had to leave, because I’m helping a friend out at Faire this weekend (free admission! And incense! Woo!) so I have to be there at 9 am, and I left all my Faire garb at home (Almost-MIL washed it all for me while I was gone, bless her).

Got everything but Other-Husband’s stuff and people in the car, and I’m checking everywhere for stuff we forgot (we’re really good at leaving a trail when we leave... a sock here, pair of bathing trunks there...) I send BabySmacks out to the car to put his pillow and blanket in so we don’t forget those. He comes back in...


... reeking of skunk. Apparently, all of the lights on and doors opening and closing, etc., had upset a skunk, and it sprayed the bushes right by Bestie’s front door. BabySmacks not only rubbed up against it, he dragged both pillow and blanket over it. We just threw out the shorts he was wearing. The blanket and pillow are wrapped in a garbage bag at Bestie’s, and she’s going to soak them in Nature’s Miracle and hope for the best.

Oh, and BabySmacks put the pillow and blanket into the Suburban before anyone had realized what was up, so now the inside of my car reeks of skunk. We sprayed the seat with white vinegar and put garbage bags down with a beach towel over, because the kids had to sit there. I had O-H light a stick of incense and put it in there. I’m sure it will still stink in the morning, but maybe it will be tolerable.


We got home shortly after midnight. I had to do laundry, and wait for my Faire stuff to dry. I’m going to get 4 hours sleep and then be on my feet all day. Why, Universe, why?

If it ain’t one thing, its another! Never a dull moment around here!

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