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What happened to these song characters?

Jack and Diane by John Cougar Mellancamp

Both wearing Trump MAGA hats waiting for the factories to reopen. Sadly it killed my love for the song when it occured to me what Jack and Diane probably became. Oh come on oldsters do not say you did not sing along with this song with friends in the 1980s.


Gloria by Laura Branigan

Gloria discovered marrying for money and taking a lover in the afternoon while hearing voices in her head is not a healthy situarion. She is now happy, not hearing voices and a psychologist helping others who hear voices.

Into The Night by Benny Mardones

Ughiest song ever from the 1980s. Guy is now on sex offender registry. The then 16 year old is now a state Attorney General putting away guys like this.


Your turn.

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