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Song recommendations (with a shoutout to Philly GT-ers)

So! I'll be going to Philly in April with my roommate, her boyfriend, and another one of our friends. It'll be fun! We've got a car, and I just secured an AirBnB. We're going to see a play, eat dumplings in Chinatown, check out the Liberty Bell, definitely see Mutter Museum, fight our way through Reading Terminal Market. Oh, and eat a Philly cheesesteak. So, Philly GT-ers, where's a good place to get one??

But more importantly: I'm making a mix for our trip! Theme: badass, fun lady-centric music!

So far, I've got Liquid Lunch by Caro Emerald, Q.U.E.E.N. by Janelle Monae, Safe in LA by Gold Motel, Release Me by The Like, 212 by Azealia Banks, Come Walk With Me by M.I.A. (I want to include this song, but I feel like my roommate would complain about it "giving her a headache" - I'm stretching her music boundaries enough as it is...she pretty much only listens to Josh Groban and his ilk). Not in that order. I haven't thought about how all of these will fit together...


I NEED MOAR LADIES MAKING MUSIC! Do y'all have recommendations? I'm looking to stay more upbeat/fast-paced - my taste is classified as "all over the place" so I'm open to anyone. Ladies of color would also be most awesome!

(I may not reply right away, but I'll be listening...)

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