Songs Everyone Should Know - Infadels' Girl That Speaks No Words

Special story time remix edition of Songs Everyone Should Know.

Before I get to the story itself, a brief word on the featured artists. I haven't ever been terribly impressed with Infadels music. But this song, and specifically, the Alan Braxe and Fred Falke remix of this song, will forever be one which is imprinted in my mind. And when I first heard it on a road trip, I fell in love from the first listen, and by the end of the trip... I had listened to it probably two dozen times and it definitely kept me awake and alert enough to drive back home. It all started back in 2009 (insert Wayne's World clip with waving arms and cheesy sound effects)...

I had been seeing an awesome woman for a bit, but we hadn't really gone on a proper "date" yet. She said that she wanted to go to Vegas and asked if I wanted to go with her. I checked my bank, figured out what I could afford, checked some prices and agreed. As you are about to learn, I can be a bit impulsive at times.

We took her car to drive from Southern Arizona to Vegas (it's a great drive btw), and since I didn't have much in the way of portable music and seeing as her car had a cassette player, we were tied to her iPod (which she had a charger for). So we spent the first few hours talking, staring at some fancy cars we saw, and then eventually moved on to seeing where we were compatible with musical tastes. We played through the tracks she loved, all kinds of modern Industrial, Techno and an undying love of U2 among other things. There was some overlap in the pop and industrial bands, but other than that, not a whole lot.


And then, after rattling off some artists which I loved, which she either had none of, or one or two tracks, she said, have you heard this remix that I bought on iTunes? And played this:

I was intrigued, the call and response, sonar-ish notes, the phased flanging rhythm and the calmly delivered, urgent vocals. The production values were off the charts, and once I had a chance to look at the iPod one the way back from Vegas, I realized why. Fred Falke and Alan Braxe are two of those remix artist that simply wow you with their approach (those are all individual links).


But, I was telling a story, so this song plays, and we talk over part of it, so I ask her to play it again. She gives me a look (which I have to come to know well), but acquiesces the request. At the end of the track I ask her about it, and she said that she discovered it during a period where she would just buy new music at the end of every week. I was impressed, and I committed the artist and song to memory.

We arrived in Vegas later that evening, we spent three amazing days, drinking, watching shows, having a blast, drinking, seeing timeshares for money and show tickets and not wanting the trip to end. So much fun, in fact that I proposed on the last evening we were there. On what was, in effect our first actual date (granted, it was day three of our first date, but...).

On the way back, amped from all of the excitement, but exhausted from the same, she fell asleep in the car, leaving me to drive back a majority of the way, as the day went from early afternoon to dusk, so I queued up this song, hit repeat one, and let it play for the better part of an hour, silently singing along, absorbing the song and the weekend and driving home.


This song will always remind me of that trip. Five Years ago, when this post will go live, we were married. I've been back to Vegas since, and since both of those trips were directly music related (the only two times I've ever gone to another state to see a concert, both were to Vegas, and both were very related), I'll definitely get around to telling those stories here as well.

Gamecat235 was a music reviewer once upon a time, has been listening to music of all walks for just about his entire life, and has far too many CDs, not nearly enough records, and befriends DJ's very very easily. This series was started when an online discussion made him realize, yet again, that he knew more about the music he loved than he really had any reason to, and that he missed writing about it. You can find him online all over the place, but he's most active here. Have any songs or albums that you think everyone should know about, but no one does? Share them in the comments!


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