I am sure many oldsters recall the controversy over Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven. I recall mid1970s my mother, grandmother, all of my classmates friends’ mothers and nuns at school not wanting us to listen to the song.

Why? Promotes suicide. A nun even said there were “many” kids dying over this song. She provided no proof. Nuns then were very good at extrapolating one to mean many and maybe connected to is connected. Not sure if nuns still do this.

I doubt if there was any truth to what the nun said beyond idle gossip and speculation.

Of COURSE we kids wanted to hear it more. The “satan wrote it” and “backword hearing” came a bit later.

The video is fantastic. The guitar playing is omg fantastic. Truly talented guitar playing. If I ever decided to play guitar this guitar solo I want to do. Looks complex.

An interesting history of the song


What songs from your childhood did your parents or teachers did not want you to hear but you still say “what? why?”.