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Are you ready for the second half of the console war of 2013? Going to liveblog my thoughts on the various announcements again, I assume it will only run until 10 with the schedule of the other conferences so far today.


9:02PM: "Sony recognizes that a game system is a gaming platform. Some people don't get that." AMEN


9:11PM: Apparently I jumped the gun in assuming the conference (scheduled to start at 8:20 by the by) would start at 9:00. What is with these companies and being late to things? The last conference was over at 7:40. This has given them over an hour. Jesus.

9:17PM: And we're rolling! Sony has much more ambient-type music than Xbox's pop/rock/rap. Uh..I spoke a bit too soon and now it's fast-paced dancing music. Nothing to see here.

9:21PM: "There has never been a more exciting time to be in the gaming industry." I wanna see the gamesssss why are you thanking people for watching SHOW ME GAMES


9:23PM: Looks like we're starting with the Vita and the PS3 before moving onto the PS4.

9:25PM: "We're bringing The Walking Dead to Vita in a big way." I guess that's it for the Vita, he mentions that movies and Skype look good on it and then moves on to PS3.


9:27PM: A kid's game about puppets? That's kinda cute.

9:28PM: Then short clip of a ghost boy walking around a rainy town. Rain, it's called.


9:30PM: I'm liking the "woman police officer" idea. Is that the girl from Juno though? Not my type of game, but looks pretty cool. Beyond: Two Souls. 10/8/13.

9:32PM: Another racing game! Cars cars cars!

9:33PM: tl;dr: "Get The Last of Us you guys! It's great!"

9:35PM: Batman: Arkham Origins, this fall! When you run out of sequels, make a prequel!


9:37PM: Exclusive GTAV bundle for $299 exclusively for PS3 owners, plus a GTAV headset. More on GTAV in a minute, also 300 games will launch this year for the PS3.



This is what the PS4 looks like!

9:42PM: Sony Pictures CEO keeps glancing down. Teleprompter?

9:44PM: Original programming and content on PSN from Sony Pictures. Also it says the entertainment will be tailored to "gamers". Wonder what that means.


9:46PM: 26 million streaming songs available on PS4, plus soon Redbox. Not impressed with all this not-gamer information.

9:49PM: Aw their president is adorable!

9:50PM: New IP! NEW IP! Some kind of 19th/20th century zombie shooter? It's called "The Order: 1886".


9:55PM: Playthroughs of games that were announced in February are on Sony's Facebook and website. Now seems like some highlights from them.

9:59PM: Killzone, Knack, and the racing game whose name I forget will be launch games. Infamous Second Son will be 2/1/2014.


10:01PM: A technical demo that I would definitely play as a game.

10:05PM: Supergiant Games (Bastion) is partnered with Sony now! They're announcing a new game called Transistor, looks like an isometric RPG with sweet music. Coming early 2014.


10:07PM: Developers can self-publish their own content. They want to be the most inclusive console platform for developers.

10:11PM: They're now partnered with Klei Entertainment, Tribute Games, Young Horses, Switchblade Monkeys, Ragtag Studios, Red Barrels, Oddworld Inhabitants, and 17 Bit Games.


10:16PM: Square-Enix shows a trailer for Final Fantasy XV!

10:18PM: Kingdom Hearts 3 now in development!!! So pretty I'm gonna dieeee

10:20PM: LOL Assassin's Creed IV lagged out loading into it.

10:26PM: Watchdogs demo. I feel like I know everything about this game. Wasn't it in last E3? Am I just being dumb?


10:33PM: Guy "requests help" in Watchdogs, other guy helps out on his tablet. I guess they're really pushing this tablet interactivity thing, aren't they? It's not an exclusive, but PS4 owners get an hour of extra gameplay and an outfit to play dress-up.

10:35PM: Real LeBron James talks to digital LeBron James. That's awkward. NBA 2K14.


10:37PM: Elder Scrolls Online, I don't want to watch your trailer because you didn't let me into your beta and I'm mad at you >:( Coming to PS4 Spring 2014.

10:40PM: Pretty badass Mad Max trailer.

10:42PM: PS4 won't restrict used games at all. Cue one full minute of cheering. President: "I guess that's a good thing."


10:43PM: More Microsoft jabs. They can sell their discs, lend them to friends, trade them in, or keep them forever. Crowd starts chanting "SONY SONY SONY". He then says PS4 is not always online and has no type of online authentification.

10:45PM: Uploading livestream is also easy on PS4. What's ustream though? Not Twitch? Also PS+ applies to PS3, PS4, and PS Vita with one membership.


10:46PM: It sounds like multiplayer needs PS+ to work though. That's troubling.

10:48PM: Gameplay premier of Destiny!

10:56PM: The banter is cute. I have trouble differentiating this from every other FPS though because I don't really play them. I guess it's different because you have a...friend that's a light? And a Titan? TitanFall?


11:02PM: Now it's all about the cloud and storing things in the cloud and internet internet internet!

11:02PM: $399 DOLLARS?! WHAT Also 399 euros and 349 pounds.

11:04PM: "We have the games, the entertainment, the value, and the innovation to make sure this is the best place to play. Thank you for being here and goodnight." The end! I personally was blown away. I've never bought a single console at launch and I'm strongly considering saving my meager salary to buy one.

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