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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sooo... about that surgery I had...

I had my gall bladder out on Thursday afternoon. Supposed to be outpatient surgery, right? In, out, done, home. Yeah... I’m still in the hospital.

The surgery itself went quite well, I’m told. The anaesthesiologists managed to knock me out and keep me out, thank heavens. Unfortunately, all the anti-nausea stuff they gave me (pepcid, zofran, and some sort of patch behind my ear) did not keep me from being repeatedly, violently sick upon waking. I dry-heaved so hard I couldn’t breathe, and ended up passing out.


I woke up again as they were bringing me into a regular hospital room. The surgeon came in to talk to me, and told me that I was staying the night, due to my reaction. I was in no shape to argue, and basically just slept for hours, occasionally waking up and gagging furiously again.

I felt quite a bit better this morning, no longer nauseous, and actually was able to eat a little bit. However, I am in pain. A LOT of pain. It’s so bad that standing up to go use the bathroom nearly made me throw up from the pain. I can’t take a full breath without wincing. They’re giving me morphine every 2 hours, and that just barely takes the edge off. It hurts worse than my c-section did.


The doc (and his P.A., who also examined me) doesn’t know what’s going on, but he definitely doesn’t like it. He made me cry and go sheet-white from just lightly pressing on my stomach near the incisions. So, here I am, spending my second night in the hospital after my “simple outpatient surgery”.

My surgeon is the on-call doctor this weekend, so he’s going to order some tests and stuff (I don’t know what, yet) for me tomorrow, see if he can’t sort out why I’m in so much pain. I may or may not be going home tomorrow :/

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