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Sooo exGod is totally being a Mako right now

And he knows it. We had an unexpected BD/sM run-in with each other orchestrated by his partner, Hera (named because she is regal and really scary when she's mad) and things got messy. I'm putting my thoughts about Hera in another post, but I thought you guys would appreciate this anecdote:

Right before we broke up, exGod and I went on a major Korra bender. We spent hours in bed together watching Korra, cuddling, and not talking about our issues. Funnily enough Sokka and I broke up right around the time the first ever Korra episode premiered- I remember because I had planned to spend the night so we could watch it in the morning (I didn't have a TV), but he dumped me a week before that happened. Thank God for Nick.com, amiright?!

So after things got confusing and Hera stormed out, the two of us were left alone. He said some things and I said some things and I ended up telling him through tears that while it was ok to be confused, his behavior towards me was filled with all sorts of mixed messages and avoiding responsibility for his actions and it made me feel used (in a bad way, not a sexy BD/sM way).


There was a pause. I was sniffling. Then he said "I'm sorry, Korra." No, not my real name. Korra. Eventually I realized he is not the type of person to read Jez and that he just was making a reference to how Mako-ish he was being. But for a moment I felt like a possum caught in headlights. Like I was Peter Parker and someone ripped off my Spiderman mask.

But yeah, that's my little Korra anecdote for the week. And people say girls are complicated...

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