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I’m the only person in the office. I have work to do, but I’d totally play hooky from work and go home to curl up in my duvet right now if I weren’t meeting mr. lurker in town after work for a Thanksgiving dinner that I don’t have to cook myself. (Yay Democrats Abroad!)


Now an empty office is usually a good sign, because it means everybody is out busy doing billable work. (Last month I think I was only in the office 3 days, which was a bit too busy.)

I had to drag myself in this morning after getting home from a work trip around 11 last night, because the other senior people are out meeting with clients today and someone had to come in and be a visible supervisor. (I’m not complaining. Boss boss got in on the same plane as me, drove me home, and then stopped by the office an hour and a half before I got in to pick up one of our juniors and drive 2.5 hours to a client engagement.)

But, the people who were in this morning for me to supervise were doing a half-day and have gone. And I’m having a great deal of difficulty concentrating on research and putting together a slide deck when I just want to do this:


Particularly since it is a holiday in my home country and I’m not home cooking a big turkey.

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