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Soooo...this is actually a little hilarious, but also awkward

TW: street harassment

So I was running at night on Saturday, as I do, and because it was Saturday the drunks were out in force. Mostly harmless and not paying attention to me, and the usual few who cannot comprehend why someone is running at night and not drinking, but a couple of incidents of guys being obnoxious— a couple on a stoop and then some in a car who were harassing EVERYONE they passed with some kind of voice distorter thing. And then nearly home, #3— keep in mind it's quite dark here, not a lot of streetlights and big trees everywhere: a group of guys with one girl and one says to the other "Oh, dude, run after her, chase her." So I respond with, "I wouldn't do that if I were you, sir." And he's like "Oh, why not?"

And I, being FED THE FUCK UP, respond, "Because I'll kill you," — not in a serious tone, by the way. And he's like "You'll try!" and I'm like "I think I'll succeed."


And then run away. I stop about half a mile away because a friend's called me, and then they show up again, and oh hey. Turns out, I know one of them— not the asshole who was yelling, but still. And his shitty friend goes, "Hey, look, it's her! I think you know him!" and he gives an awkward drunk wave.


Now, GT, this is a generally nice kid, and he wasn't the one doing the yelling. Of course, he should've said something, but he didn't. Now, I'm kind of of the opinion that after you've said you or a male friend should chase after a woman alone at night, you deserve whatever words she might throw at you, because you might think it's just a joke, but it is absolutely not funny.

Even so, saying I'd kill them may have been...pardon the pun...overkill. Of course I didn't mean it— more like, "do not come after me because I will fight you if you touch me," plus people thinking you're unpredictable and possibly unstable tends to make them back off (hence my other favorite street harassment response: "HUSH, MORTAL, I AM ATTEMPTING THE DARK RITES OF MEPHOSTOPHILIS, HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT ME?") and they didn't seem to take it seriously. But still, it may have been an overreaction. And I do have to live with this guy, and we share circles of friends.

Then again, he was prettttyyyy drunk and may not even remember.


Should I apologize for overreacting but also explain why I felt that response was appropriate at the time? Should I say nothing? Should I just pretend it didn't happen?

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