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Soooooo, speaking of the pr0nns

If you like performers, which ones do you like? If you like it literary, who are your favorite authors or recurring characters?

Currently I like Keni Styles (because of his accent, his tats, and...well...look at him):


and Skin Diamond:

She's kind of my porn avatar I guess. Even though her body type is much more slender she's cute and brown and quirky-looking, so she's probably as close as i'm gonna get to someone who looks like me and does kink on camera. And she seems like she enjoys it. There are other women I like too, but mostly I choose who I like because they seem to really go for their lesbian scenes. Half-hearted cunnilingus makes me sad.

Also, I did that thing where I looked up what porn star I looked like- here are the closest matches I got:


Here's where you can do it if you want to: http://face.naughtyamerica.com/ Jez didn't have good things to say about it last year, but you don't have to give them any info except for the pic.

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