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tl;dr Sophie update (no pictures, sorry, I've been sick and also she runs straight to me whenever I look at her, which is not conducive to even adequate picture taking):

So Sophie got spayed and I brought her home a week ago Friday. For the first 24 hours or so, she was WONDERFUL. Well, mostly—clearly not house trained, but she took right to the pee pads, and she was just so HAPPY. She followed me around wagging her tail and snuggled up to me every time I sat down and made contented little sighs as I petted her. Pretty much exactly as she was the times I met her at the shelter, beyond the first 15 minutes or so when she was scared senseless.


But then mid-day Saturday, I went to pet her as she was lying on the couch, and she made this ungodly shrieking sound—it really sounded like a woman screaming. And then for the next four days or so, she would make that sound and pee herself every time I tried to pick her up (which I had to do because even when she was that scared, she wanted to be with me when I was sitting or lying down, and between how small she is and the recent surgery she couldn't jump on either the couch or the bed on her own). I have no earthly idea why she went from adoring me to being terrified of me (while still kind of adoring me).

The good news is it got less and less as more time passed, and she seems to be completely over it now—she's back to running around and wagging her tail, and has started begging me to pick her up when she doesn't want to go up hills or stairs. The bad news is that as she's come to like and trust me more and more, the separation anxiety has really started to kick in, and she starts barking her painfully shrill, painfully loud bark as soon as I leave, and keeps barking it, in one- and two-minute bursts at 10- and 15-intervals. The last two days I've left her "alone" (with Buster and my kitty) for a few hours or so in the mid-afternoons, sitting down by my complex's pool (where she can't see or hear me, but I can hear her when she barks), and she just would not give up.

So… crate training! Or at least, the attempt—Buster didn't take to it at all, but I'm hoping Sophie will be different. And I need to take her in for a "try-out" at Buster's doggie daycare, but given how well she did (with both people and other dogs) when I took her to the dog park for the first time yesterday, I'm a lot less worried that that will be any problem, especially with Buster with her.

Which brings me to Buster, who has been AMAZING. He was so jealous that week I had the chiweenie that I was little worried about how he would react to an actual new sibling, but he has been nothing but generous, sweet, and completely protective of her. From the first day I brought her home, he started jumping between her and any dog or human we'd pass on walks, even barking sometimes, which he almost never does on walks. And even when I first brought her home and he was trying to sniff her over, he backed off immediately as soon as she showed any discomfort. At the dog park yesterday, Buster not only insisted on personally vetting any dog or human that tried to interact with her, he barked his head off at the one dog who had the temerity to bark at her, and then followed said dog around for the next 10 minutes, eyeing him darkly and refusing to let him get anywhere near her. Have I mentioned the part where I have BEST DOG EVER OMG?


The Cliff's Notes version: Sofie—doing much better in some ways, but has developed terrible separation anxiety! Crate training and doggie daycare imminent! Buster—still the best damned dog in the whole wide world, except somehow now even best-er. Ad Infinitum—too fucking hot, and still worn down from a nasty intestinal revolt, but in possession of two lovely pups and one lovely kitty (who is regally pretending Sophie does not exist), which almost makes for the disgusting apartment and empty fridge.

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