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A corgi just went after Sophie out of nowhere at the dog park. Sophie was screaming ... it was horrible.

It looked like she just had a tiny scrape on her lip ... there was a tiny bit of blood, but not even paper cut level. I held her on my lap until she calmed down somewhat, and she actually jumped down and walked around again, which shocked me — I thought she’d be too afraid to get out of my lap for days if not weeks.

But when I tried to put the leash on her, she screamed and almost bit me. I carried her to the car and then into the house, and when I got her collar off I found a larger, bloody scrape underneath.


It doesn’t look deeper than like a skinned knee, but it’s hard to tell for sure. She doesn’t screech or try to bite when I touch the area gently, but I haven’t tried to clean it yet because I’m afraid of hurting her.

So my question is: Should I take her to the emergency room? There’s very little blood and it really just looks like a scrape, but it was caused by another dog’s teeth or claws, so ... I don’t know.

Obviously I’d like to avoid the emergency room if at all possible, but I don’t want to put Sophie at any risk.

Naturally the corgi’s owner fled while I was checking Sophie for wounds, so there’s no hope of getting her to pay the bill.

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