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Sorbet Adventure

It's like that scene from Lucy, but with more... Me.

So the other day was my birthday, and I visited a lovely sorbet/gelato shop near the docks, and ordered a rasperry sorbet. Only whatever they gave me wasn't raspberry. So I tried to explain in Greek that they must have given me strawberry. Only he kept inististing it was raspberry.

So I marched back into the shop, but instead of waving around a gun like Lucy I was waving around my sorbet. I went to the guy behind the counter and barked 'Do you speak English?!' And instead of shooting him when he shook his head, I just said, 'Well find me someone who does because you fucked up my sorbet.'


There my latest update from Greece for you :P If you want the actual one, just see my last post. Hope you're all having a great summer!

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