Oh.. Science. Right. Seriously, did anyone else get this Real Chemistry 3 Minute Peel in a recent-ish Birchbox*? It's a different kind of facial peel, and is flat out amazing. I mean, sorcery & witchcraft & chemistry for sure.

The product goes on clear, not sticky, rather like any run of the mill "serum." (Pro-tip: A little un-cooked lentil sized dollop goes a LONG WAY. My daughters and I have gotten approximately 10 or 12 uses out of the tiny birchbox sample.) You let it sit for a minute or so, then start gently rubbing/massaging your face with your fingertips. What happens next is the best kind of satisfyingly gross result you could hope for. Supposedly the product bonds with the proteins in your dead skin cells and such, and you just sort of roll the whole mess away.

I used a mask (nugg, menthol rejuvenating) from another box this weekend and thought I liked it... until my face has been a damned oil slick ever since. So last night I used the Clarisonic to finally feel "clean" and as always, it felt wonderful. So yay, clean skin, right? Out of curiosity this morning I used the Real Chemistry stuff and as always WHOA, wtf IS THIS (a reviewer on Amazon said the exact thing - it's that kind of amazing). I was rolling away clearly leftover makeup or dead skin cells, even after using the Clarisonic last night. The little balls of ugh were.. errm, makeup-skin-ish colored, so definitely the peel's doing, as the peel itself is clear. ETA: And my skin just feels like.. not even baby soft, but like this crazy velvet soft and awesome.


This is going to be one of the very few products that, at $48, I feel is over my normal price point (I will usually scour Amazon and buy some whack & dubious knockoff version of whatever I'm looking at - though I do have a good Vitamin C serum rec - this stuff has been a godsend to me) but I will still buy. (It's $20 and if you're of a certain age/have any wrinkles - even deep ones - or hyper-pigmentation, it's worth every cent.)

Really, I'm just curious if anyone else has tried it and fallen in love with it? I feel like we're sold (and will buy!) so much snake oil that it's pretty awesome to find true game-changers. Even if they're $48 (grumble).


*The Birchbox link is my referral link - I get points if you sign up, etc, etc. Everything else is just straight Amazon, no referral links or such.