I am still all wonka-neck, but it's better! Mostly thanks to all of you who recommended heat, massage, drugs, booze and general sitting-on-the-couch-being-useless-today. All of these things worked, at least a bit! Mr. MacNasty was drafted to a) give me massage, b) bring me drugs, c) bring me booze when the drugs wore off, d) snacks, because, well, fuck you, neck, I'm still eating things to ease my pain. He wants to (totally not sarcastically) thank you good people for making him my loving servant today.

Anyhow, I don't know what I'd do without you. You're all so smart and sweet and really kind to take time out of your day to worry about me and give advice. But Mama Bear MacNasty really loves you all, very much. Thanks for everything, y'all. xoxoxo

PS I apologize to everyone for my probably decreasing coherence in posting this evening. The booze is starting to kick in. Mmmm. Hello, Boozeness, my old friend...