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I saw this earlier and its been gnawing at me since. Ali Velshi rushed on to the set late. He cohosts with Stephanie Ruhle at 11am. She is alone at 9am. She has been doing a lot of coverage on the Weinstein sex abuse story.

First don’t rush on the set. Stephanie was fine alone. Enter at the commercial. It disrupted the flow of the interview, granted it was a regular print reporter but still. It seemed unprofessional.

Do not have your first words be “hi honey” then say hi to the reporter by name.

Sorry “honey” is a term of endearment parent says to their child or a term of affection between a couple, providing both members in couple are ok with the term.


Outside of that, sorry. At work its unprofessional at the very least. Even if close friends well as a viewer I would not know that. To me its demeaning otherwise. In most situations the context is “oh honey (you are an idiot but I still like you)“ and in this case it comes across as “you are my honey”.

One of my favorite news couples was Liz Walker and Jack Williams from Boston. I can never remember him ever referring to her as anything but Liz Walker or just Liz. On WCVB for many years a married couple were news anchors together never once did the husband coanchor ever was called Natalie Jackobson honey, sometimes “Nat” but that’s it. Nor her to him. I cannot recall his name. Those long time New Englanders I am sure will jog my memory. Or Tom Brokaw and Jane Pauley, never once did he call her honey.

Its news be friendly yes to your cohost but be professional. Honey is not professional. It also comes across as demeaning. Her having talked about sexual harassment in the workplace then hearing this was so disconcerting to this listener.

Lately Ali Velshi has been annoying me. Katy Tur has the 2pm slot and then introduces Ali for his 3pm slot he once said she sounded like she was introducing meat. Katy told him they should go back to news.


I used to really like Velshi but he acts like he is the BMOC. Big Man on Campus in case you wonder.

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