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Sorry for being shallow, but...

I need wedding fashion halp!

So, this wedding is forcing me out of my jeans, tank, cardigan, and colourful scarf uniform, and I don't know what to do!

I bought this skirt and I have a cream coloured shirt to wear with it, but said shirt is sleeveless. I'd like to have a jacket or something to wear with it, but I don't know what colour! I've never owned anything coral/pinkish like this before, so I don't know what goes with it. I was thinking maybe a blazer or something, and probably not a knit cardigan? Black? Navy? I don't know guise... I am fashion stunted. Also I'll likely have to buy something new, so I don't want to do anything super trendy, so that I can wear it in real life too.


I'm also planning on wearing low heeled tan pumps, is that ok? I feel like they match everything.

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