Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Sorry for being so combative yesterday over the post about bathrooms. I gave it much thought last night and even though I still stand by my belief that owners are selfish for denying folks bathroom use I probably should have left it at that and not have responded so much. Although I did find the law that supports emergency bathroom use in some states. I still got very combative and let a reply with a swear aimed at me to get way too much under my skin, dismissing it was extreme. The person had a good point but I could not get past the swear. I believe that swearing at someone degrades both the person using it and dehumanizes the person its aimed at. But thats MY belief and I should NOT have applied it on another. Sometimes I can't get past the fact that swearing for some may not mean they are dehumanizing that person, it just means that for me. I was wrong to apply my belief to another.

Sometimes I do type first and click on a link second after typing, bad habit of mine. I apologize to Mr Disconnected for that. For that I also apologize.


I will work hard being a better GTEr. I understand if a lot are angry at me, I am angry at me.

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