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Sorry for over-posting today

Last one, I swear, and if you bear with me...penguin memes!

So I really, really, really appreciated the responses I got when I asked why are you pro choice.


And I don't want to just let the awesome responses fade in to the GT netherworld, so I've decided to curate them on a blog (putting up a few a day for a while, and also accepting new submissions).

Because it seems like a lot of work to go back to each person and individually ask if they're ok with me re-publishing their responses, I'm just going to assume that if you put it in one public space anonymously, you wont object to it being in another unless you directly tell me otherwise.

Here's the blog. I just whipped it up and it's my first wordpress so I definitely haven't worked out all the kinks yet (feel free to provide any suggestions!). I'm putting some entries up now and I'm not sure I love the layout but it seems like ya have to pay for all the good ones :-/

OK now for the promised penguin memes...hopefully, since I don't really get how to add images without saving them to my computer first:


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