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Sorry for the double post, especially on my first day of postings, but..

This is how you apologize. TW: trans suicide.

Seriously, I know that it's not exactly an apology from the writer, as she is a trans woman who Grantland hired to basically ombudsman (can that be a verb?) their HUGELY problematic article on Essay Anne Vanderbilt. But the site took themselves to task for failing to even consider asking a trans person about the article.

The one thing that I really wish they had touched more on (and yes, I read the whole article): the original piece reads a lot like her status as a trans woman was part of her con-artist identity. One is not a symptom of the other.


Grantland's Editor-in-Chief, the sometimes problematic (but I can't help but still love him) Bill Simmons also wrote an apology piece. It read like a true apology, but still had a bit of "sorry you were offended" in it. He acknowledges he is coming from a place of the utmost privileged (wealthy straight cis white man) without using the word privilege, and acknowledges that he is the biggest failure in this whole thing (I still maintain his failure is secondary to the authors, but oh well).

I also feel the need to point out that I, as a cis woman, am not the person to be analyzing the apology, and I hope that Kyosuke or KaiserAwesome or one of our other trans GTers weighs in, or even takes me to task for posting about trans issues when it is not a status that I can claim. But right now, I just wanted to get this on here because there are so many "sorry not sorry" apologies out there, and this is not one of them.

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