I don't have a lot of close friends so I generally will do just about anything not to lose the ones I do have. Sometimes, it makes me feel like I'm getting walked on a little bit. In an effort to make sure that I should be trying to keep a particular friend, I'm throwing it out to the masses and asking opinions.

Okay, so I used to work with a couple ladies and the three of us all were lunch buddies and friends. I always kind of felt like the two of them preferred each other, but we all got along great. One of them left and the other and I continued on. We'd go out to lunches, sometimes go to movies, do some things on the weekend, it was fun. Maybe a month and a half ago she was fired from our work. We promised to stay friends, I took her out to lunch, we talked about plans, I tried to support her job hunt as best I could.

She got a job nearly immediately. I was super pumped. She kept telling me how amazing it is and I was really happy for her. But after a few weeks of "My new company is SOOOO much better than that old company (the one you still have to work for) I've started to feel less happy for her. It's everything from "At OUR Christmas parties, there's an open bar!" and "We get quarterly bonuses!" and "My bosses are so much better than yours, they treat me amazing, your bosses treat you like a child (this actually isn't the case from my perspective)." She would also plaster statements like this all over Facebook, to the point where I finally stopped following her updates because she never posted anything except how amazing her job was/how terrible it was at the previous place/combination plate of the two.

Skip to today. I texted her to joke about the toddlers I work with complaining so much about not getting to dress up for Halloween that the bosses caved in. Her response was "That's so weird... At MY company there's a CASH prize for the best costume!" My response was something to the effect of "Okay, nevermind." She asked me why I was annoyed and I told her that I just really wanted to have a conversation with her where it didn't go back to how much more amazing her job is than mine.

Her first response to me was that "you're being such a bitch." Because I don't want to deal with my friend's constant humble bragging? She tells me that if I don't like where I work, then I should change it. But here's the thing, she didn't like where I work (she worked), but I do like where I work. I do like what I do. Of course, I have complaints, who doesn't? And I am doing serious thinking about my future. I've given myself a deadline of seeing what my raise is this year and if it's not to a particular standard then I'm going to start looking. But honestly, I'm in a good place. I'm given a lot of freedom to determine the direction of my department. I have a lot of face time with my company's president and senior vice president, and I'm really pretty respected. I just want my salary to match that. Other than that, there are some people that work here that I can't stand. She used to hate them too. They act like babies. This Halloween thing is the latest in a long line of "WAAAAH, but I wanna do that!" that they ultimately end up getting permission to do. And it annoys me.

So back to her. Next she tells me she just thought that I'd like to make good money and be treated like an adult for once and come work at her new company. This is after she's already told me weeks ago that they have no jobs in my field. I reminded her of that and told her that when she does that it just comes off as "nener nener nener" instead of "I really care about you and want to see you do well."

I get her negativity towards the company. Right after she was fired I found out why - basically, her negativity towards the company was causing a lot of people to be unhappy - and a lot of it makes sense. I didn't think it was something that would help her get over it if I told her, so I haven't. I also really wanted to make sure it didn't get back to my company if she told someone else, since I'm pretty sure I was the only person told. But nearly everytime I see/talk/text her she always asks "So... have they said anything? Have they replaced me? Are they struggling without me?" I thought with the new job that she'd get over it but she hasn't. It just all feels toxic to me.

Is this a friendship worth fighting for? Or should I downgrade her to "acquaintance" status?