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Sorry H50 McGarrett/Adam Is Like TV Series Star Trek As Kirk/Chekov

I enjoy Adam on H50. Nice sidekick of a sidekick which he was to Kono. Ian Anthony Dale is a fine actor. But its like making Chekov a sidekick of a sidekick which he was to Sulu as First Officer to Kirk. Kirk with Chekov as sidekick would not work. (Yes I am aware actor playing the new Chekov has died I am thinking original tv series Star Trek not the remade movie version.)

CBS should do what ABC did last year with Castle and end it.

Also with Scott Caan being in fewer and fewer episodes oast few seasons is it really shocking it will continue next season. CBS should have realized it and just paid Grace Parks and Daniel Dae Kim equal pay. Now two are gone and you might as well consider Caan essentially gone too.



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