One of the things I was given as a selling point for why I should take the job I have now that I hate with the fire of a thousand suns is that we would frequently be going on "team outings" to do "fun things." Of course, there is spirited disagreement between everyone what "fun things" actually entails.

Various suggestions were made for the annual (!) "outing" including BMXing and paintballing (yeah, right, when one of the guys has a heart condition and at least half a dozen of my coworkers tip the 300lb mark). Going to a movie. Going bowling. Something with booze. Who knows. Whatever. I would like to not hang out with these people if at all possible since I find most of them dull (some are also vaccine/autism and/or 9/11 truthers but THAT'S ANOTHER DISCUSSION).

The guy who took it upon himself to organize the outing just said he wants to get a headcount for 7-10pm on a Friday night. You have to be kidding. Isn't the point of an outing to do something INSTEAD of work, not spend another three hours with your coworkers outside of business hours?

Fortunately, everyone immediately revolted at this idea. I actually have a legit excuse on that date - a friend of mine is coming into town from Seattle and I have to pick her up from the airport Friday evening. But still. You have to be kidding me.

I still remember the reason I took this job (last job was a total disaster, more $$$, the chance to get experience in a different field of IT, the company name looks good on my resume) but man, this place blows goats so hard I'm feeling defeated just thinking about it.


Luckily I have an interview coming up to get back to a place I want to be in my career. God help me until that point in time arrives. Is it too early to start drinking at 12pm? Because that's going to happen shortly.