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sorry in advance...

man, I feel like I’m monopolizing you guys with my stupid wedding drama! So if it’s annoying you, please skip this post, and I apologize in advance.

I must vent. I’m having the worst day. I feel like absolute crap and I feel mad at myself for caring. My maid of honor is the sweetest person, and she planned a trip out of town to see a play for my bachelorette party - it’s tonight. Except, most of our friends are broke, work weekends, and/or have kids. So even though we gave them more than a month’s notice and about 12 people initially said they could come, in the course of the last 4 days it’s dropped down to 3 people. So not really much of a party. If we’d had it in town there would have been 20 people there easy. To top this off, GreenHunk is going out of town for a Muay Thai camp starting Monday and he’ll be gone a whole week. I thought I’d asked his best man to plan his party for the same night that mine is, but he made it the next night (Saturday), which means I probably get no time with GreenHunk this weekend before he leaves for camp, considering there’s at least a decent chance he’ll be hungover on Sunday. To top THAT off, we have seriously overlapping friends, like it’s not like I’m friends with all the girls and he’s friends with all the guys, although I’d say we’re friends with more girls than guys in total, so a lot of my friends were planning on going to his party. So now, I’m basically not really getting a bachelorette party, and I have to spend a night alone in the house while all my friends go to his party. I really wish we could just do a joint thing but I don’t want to upset anyone. It makes more sense to me considering that we do have overlapping friends and I think the whole tradition of the bachelor party as the “last time you can act like you’re single” is fucking stupid and has no bearing on our relationship. But I can’t even really talk to GreenHunk about this at all, because I won’t see him at all between now and Sunday morning. And, as the icing on the cake, my maid of honor and I spent about $400 on this trip, not even including gas, that we will not get back because everyone ditched.


Fuck. Just fucking fuck. I’m sure it will work out, maybe I can throw a party while he’s gone (I was planning on going to my hometown to see out of town friends, but we’ll see), but for now, I just need to fucking vent. Fuck weddings. Fuck expectations. Fuck today.

Thanks for listening, guys. Have a cute goat video for getting through my garbage.

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