The assignment to her students “You are a member of the KKK why do you think your treatment of African Americans is justified.”

Sorry its plainly insensitive but also dumbassed. This is not the death penalty where two sides can have a debate and come up with justifable reasons. In grade school 5th or 6th grade we did something like that. Its to teach people to think of other sides of debates.

But here racism and bigotry there is NO justifable reason. Unlike the death penalty or other issues that reasonable people can argue about racism and bigotry is not something reasonable folks can debate about. There is NO justification for bigotry and racism.

By asking that question it puts those in the KKK on same footing as people who denounce bigotry and racism. This question is a form of moral equivalence.

The question could have been “Research who the KKK are and what they stand for.”


She needs to be fired.