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Sorry New Yorkers or any Yankee fans this novel title rocks

Every New Englander above a certain age remembers a Fall day in 1978. October 2nd. It was a tie breaker to head into the playoffs between the Boston Red Sox and the Damn, I mean, New York Yankees.

I was in the parlor upstairs with my father watching the game, the tv was a Zenith. They were great tvs that are not made anymore. The Red Sox were ahead 2 to 0. We thought Sox had won. Suddenly Bucky Dent was at bat. Let me stress he was NOT a home run hitter. Few that season or his career. He hits one bottom of seventh Yankees were up 3 to 2 and eventually won the game.

Bucky Dent has forever more been given the name Bucky Bleep Dent. In Red Sox Country ie New England.


So David Duchovney from XFiles wrote a novel called.

I have not read it. It appears to be about a father and son, one a Yankees fan the other a Red Sox fan.

Anyone remember this game?

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