(Sorry about the double post, just thought that some of you mind find this interesting. If not I'll take it down!)

Has anyone seen this commercial and article about it? The commercial shows women politely apologizing in settings where they didn't do that much wrong. They argue that women shouldn't apologize quite so much and should 'Be strong' and 'Shine' more.

I'm an apologetic person, more so in situations where I feel less in control or smaller (my relationship comes to mind or with people I don't know very well). The post reflected towards me more than the video itself because it hit the right spot; there are times when I find myself apologizing for almost everything I do because I'm feeling insecure and try to minimize the potential annoyance of my presence.

However I also feel that excusing yourself shouldn't be considered a bad thing, in fact I'd rather encourage excusing oneself in situations where this is appropriate (such as taking up more space than necessary on public transport). I think though what this article and the commercial are mostly referring too is the fact that this apologizing creates an unfair dynamic between men and women. In a world where men are less likely to apologize it makes the women look weaker or less in control. It maintains a subservient image of women and that might be problematic.


ETA. stealing the bedcovers is rude and I constantly do it in my sleep and I shall still apologize for it.