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Sorry Omarosa You Are Doing More Harm Then Good Or Trump Chews On Paper, Maybe

I want to believe Omarosa but she is writing and saying stuff with no real proof. There are hundreds of hours of footage of Trump, his tweets, executive orders, his firings and hirings. We have all of that on record.

But when Omarosa has written in her book read by Nicole Wallace on her show that she (Omarosa) saw Trump chew and maybe swallow paper. I have seen her make over the top comments praising Trump in the past.

Last night it was reported Omarosa had secretly taped Trump now today she says Trump used the N word and its on tape somewhere e. I am confused which is it?


First I am not sure these tapes exist. I am also not aure if it matters, his followers will say “he is being real and not pc”. Congressional republicans will act shocked and denounce it for a day then forget about it the next day.

We have overwhelming proof something is seriously wrong with Trump, we have overwhelming proof he is a racist and misogynistic. Adding stuff in which there is no proof does nothing but hurt the cause against him.

This is also a lesson in credibility, if your credibility is suspect you better provide proof in what you say. The paper eating seems way too out of left field, you would think with Trump being in the public for 40 years someone would have said it already. This is the type of story with zero other witnesses that can sink the credibility for rest of book.

Nicole one of the leading never Trumpers was laughing while reading the passage. That’s not a good sign when someone who should be a natural ally laughs at what you write.

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