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No sorry. Stand By Me or Shawshank Redemption should have been number one. Personally Stand By Me should have been number one. One of the best coming of age movies about how curiousity about seeng a dead body leads to understanding about oneself amd growing up. Also a rare coming of age 80s film not involving how a teen boy lost his virginity. Seriously way toooo many of these films in the 80s. Tom Cruise was in two of them Losin It and Risky Business so he lost his virginity twice - roles wise. I saw both on cable and except for the air guitar seen in Risky Business its a don’t bother.

Shining. Sorry. This was simply watching Jack Nicholson giving a “lets see how much I can chew the scenery” film. Jack Nicholson played Jack Nicholson. The book was great. The father in the book was a very flawed man who wanted to do what was right and he let his innerdemons take control.

I would not even put it in the top twenty.

Also the best adaptation by far of his works was the miniseries The Stand. That played true to his novel and vision.


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