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Sorry to Bother You discussion post

I’ve been a big fan of Boots and The Coup for a while, so as soon as the film was showing in my area I had to go see it. Has anyone else? There are things I want to discuss.

Be forewarned, S P O I L E R S ahead!!




Overall I really liked it, so I’ll start with what I didn’t. Maybe biggest gripe is that Cassius’s love interest is a bit of an MPDG, and a bit of a Maude Lebowski. I was annoyed when it seemed like Detroit was going to be Cassius’s prize for finally fighting back, which seemed really blah and also Cassius only fought back once things affected him personally, but of course at the very end we see that he does face some consequences for his actions. My other thing was, the music was there but it definitely was more in the background and I guess I could have used a few more musical interludes but that’s just me being selfish.


What I liked? The performances were great. Cassius really buys what they are selling him which makes the audience hate him for a time. Apparently this is a part of the script that Boots changed from the initial draft, and it really works. I also really love how the ending is basically, “you didn’t win but you have to keep fighting.”

Absolute favorite part though? When Cassius finds out about the Equisapiens and gets on TV to expose the outrage and in a typical movie that would have been his saving the day. But instead, when WorryFree’s stock went up instead, seemed a LOT more like what would actually happen.

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